Letter asking Governor Bill Walker to recommend Dan Falvey & Andy Mezirow to the NPFMC

Two seats on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC), to be filled by Alaskans, are up for appointment. This is the organization that manages halibut fisheries off the coast of Alaska.

Alaska Halibut Forever has submitted the following letter to the Governor asking that he recommend Dan Falvey for appointment and Andy Mezirow for reappointment:


To Governor Bill Walker:

Our organization, Alaska Halibut Forever, asks that you recommend Dan Falvey for appointment to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council,  (NPFMC) and Andy Mezirow for reappointment to that Council.  

Our organization has advocated before the NPFMC for sustainable management of halibut for at least 10 years, adopting the name “Alaska Halibut Forever” three years ago when we published a much-praised brochure on sustainable sportfishing of halibut. We’ve succeeded in adding the perspective of Alaska coastal communities that harvest fish for household consumption to fishery management discussions that had been limited to the commercial (longline) and charter sport sectors.

Dan Falvey of Sitka is exceedingly well equipped to serve on the NPFMC. He has spent decades as first a crewman and then owner-operator of commercial longline boats. Through his Myriad Fisheries business he has engaged in the innovative projects pioneered by the Alaska Longline Fisheries Assoc. (ALFA) such as electronic monitoring to replace the onerous requirement of observers aboard small fishing boats, methods of avoiding sperm whale predation on commercial fisheries, and mapping & updating data to help longliners avoid rockfish and other vulnerable fish populations. For the last few years he has been program director for ALFA. Dan has engaged with the Council process through being on several NPFMC advisory panels over a good span of time.  

We know Andy Mezirow to be a knowledgeable and fair-minded member of the NPFMC in his representation of the charter sportfishing sector. He has comported himself well as a Council member and chair of the Charter Halibut Management Committee.

Thank you for your attention.

Alaska Halibut Forever

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